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The next knight held back a little further seeing what just happened to his comrades. 

“You’re ... you’re a real Firesmyth,” he sputtered. 

Firesmyth Mancuso just smiled and bowed gracefully.

Seeing that he was alone ... the knight ran.

Alone?  What about six?  Mancuso turned and looked.  No one else around except for the ones he already vanquished.  “But I saw six,” he muttered.  “Where is the leader and,” he wondered with dread, “where is the chest.”


With a moan the blinded Shadow Knight blinked and started to regain sight only to see a blur of Mancuso rushing him.  The knight shifted his weight to a ready stance but it was too late and he felt his legs sweep out from under him.  The ground impacted with a thud that knocked his breath out.  He opened his eyes only to look down at a glowing blade beneath his chin.

“Who sent you?” asked Mancuso pressing the flat tip against his chin. 

Despite his pain the fallen knight replied only with a look of silent defiance.

“It must be someone who you fear more than death.  Who?”

The knight looked at him through narrowed eyes and hissed, “Someone you should fear.”

 “No,” Mancuso replied shaking his head, “someone I pity.  Now how did you know of my coming?”

“Don’t you think my master would know the hour and place of your return?”

Mancuso pressed the flat end of LaSor harder against the man’s chin so he could feel the heat of the blade edge.  As he did so, he caught sight of something behind the man’s ear.  He turned the man’s head with his free hand.  The knight jerked to resist but Mancuso repositioned his weight to pin him down.  “Tell me of this.”  The knight didn’t respond but 

Scroll 1: History's Mirror                                                                                    Chapter 1: Treasures from the Past


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