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He released it and started turning the crank.  His heart leapt when saw lights coming down the hall outside the room he just left. He turned the hand crank furiously like a shipís captain trying to avoid an iceberg collision.  The door shut just before the light bearers entered the room.

Mancuso turned and jogged down the dark tunnel, his light beam bouncing before him.  The tunnel sloped slightly downward and was wide enough to transport large equipment.  It eventually

dead-ended with a crank, brake, and another cold control panel.  He released the brake, turned the crank, and the wall opened partway.  He slipped through the narrow crack into the open air of the Old Arena foyer.  Tree roots had prevented him from opening the door any wider.  He took a moment to look around.  From this hidden doorway on the northwest side, he was relatively hidden from view since the door was in an alcove.  He didnít see anyone and slipped cautiously through the door to search for the release mechanism.  This left him vulnerable for a moment to anyone hiding but he had no choice.  Then he saw it.  The pillar the release mechanism was on had fallen but there under its debris was the cable.  With some effort, he pulled it and it clicked under the force, returning the wall it its closed position.  

Scroll 1: History's Mirror                                                                                    Chapter 1: Treasures from the Past


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