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He ran through the arena and stopped for a moment to check for the enemy at one of the arched doorways of the amphitheater.  Panic almost overwhelmed him as he surveyed the multitude of benches.  “Oh no.  Where did I park?”  Then remembering the spot just on the other side of the hall and to the east of where the Governor from Kastanza used to sit, he saw it.  “That chameleon device really is too good,” he muttered to himself.

To him the way seemed clear, but something didn’t seem right.  The hair on the back of his neck stood up.  He had no time to check, despite his feelings.  Making his way swiftly towards the POD, he saw them, just moving shadows in the corner of his eyesight at first, and then recognizable shapes of men ... six of them moving in from all around the arena with swords drawn.  He surveyed his opponents cautiously, summing up their abilities.  He knew their mark, the Shadow Knights of the Salmonil.  The Salmonil, fierce nomadic warriors, were bad enough albeit extremely superstitious, but the Shadow Knights, so called because of the dark clothing they wore, were worse.  This band of brigands had no honor and should not have been given the dignified title of knight.  Instead of defending a code of honor, they pillaged, burned, and did whatever else their wicked leader desired.

He looked again towards the POD.  He had the lead.  He could get to the POD before them, but he would not have time to initiate a jump.  He rebuked himself for not bringing a remote.  Just as well, he wanted to find out more about his pursuers so he might as well take advantage of it.  Why did they come here, since Cah Bel is within Andril Territory?  Were they just patrolling the ruins and just happened to find him, or were they sent in search of him and his treasure? 

Deciding to confront them directly, he stopped in his tracks a stone’s throw away from the POD.  The Shadow Knights copied his move but then started walking sideways always facing him in a slow spiral drawing closer, swords at the ready almost in a dance.

“Go no further Firesmyth,” one, apparently the leader, called out in a pleasant tone.

Scroll 1: History's Mirror                                                                                    Chapter 1: Treasures from the Past


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