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She turned and looked at him with her dark brown eyes filled with kindness.  “I told you, love.  We’re brining these people food.”


“Because they’re hungry.”

“Hungry?  Why, mama?”

“They have no food.  There’s been a drought...” she saw the blank expression on his face.  “That means no rain for a long time.”

“Oh ... why?”

She looked at her husband and said, “He gets it from you, you know.”

He looked at her and raised one eyebrow, smiled, winked and returned to his reading.

They bumped along.  Talon stared at the hilt of his father’s sword.  It was a long blade, which he couldn’t see since it was in its scabbard, but he could see the crossbar and hilt.  The crossbar curved up towards the tip of the blade.  Leather covered the handle in a way that begged Talon play with it --although if he did he knew the punishment would be something close to death, at least his dad let him think it would be close to death.

“M’lord,” came a voice from outside the wagon.  Talon turned to see that one of the companions had ridden up to his father’s window and addressed him.  “Riders approach from the southeast.”

Trinel leaned forward in his seat and replied, “Bring us to halt captain.”

Mushina leaned forward and placed her hand on his as he exited the carriage.  “Are we there already?”



Scroll 1: History's Mirror                                                                                    Chapter 1: Treasures from the Past


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