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August 6, 1753 EQ, The Hunt Somewhere in Salmonil Territory

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i Nursing Home
i The Yoders’ Home

i Disputed Territory
i Endvar's Cottage
i Forest West of Selma

i Sixth Horse Port House
i Serapool
i The Hunt

Habrits prepared for the hunt

Three weeks later, General Araknik returned with his army and an entourage of Samar craftsmen in his train.  They marched into Serapool with great fanfare and a hunt was called in celebration.  Withdrawing to the cooler altitudes of their homeland, they engaged in the hunt, not only for recreation but also for military training.

Septic reigned in his horse next to Koric’s, looked over at his friend, and smiled.  “Is the bet still on?” he asked.

“Ha!” sneered Koric.  “Of course.”  He leaned over with a gentle hand on Septic’s shoulder and a condescending sneer and promised, “At hunt’s end the painted stallion will be mine.  But,” he leaned back in his saddle, “eh, if you don’t feel up to it...”

“I’ll match you kill for kill and then some, and you will be serving me vakla dinner for a year.”  Septic was not about to let this battle turn out like the last one. 

Each of them dismounted and checked their horses and gear like the rest of the Salmonil warriors in line next to them.  The horde formed a crescent shaped line as long as one-day’s-hard-ride, lining up in close ranks along places marked out with flags.  Each warrior had up to five remounts -- to be changed every day.

“Don’t you think you’ll get tired of vakla after a week?”

“Not if you make it right,” replied Septic as he checked his remounts.

They wore the full gear of a military strike: the traditional riding sel, composite bows, a quiver full of arrows, small wooded shields, rations of smoked fish, and water skins.  As hardened nomads, they needed little more for survival.


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