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June 22, 1753 EQ, Serapool, Salmonil Capital

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i Nursing Home
i The Yoders’ Home

i Disputed Territory
i Endvar's Cottage
i Forest West of Selma

i Sixth Horse Port House
i Serapool

Ransis entering Serapool

Ransis rode into the Salmonil capital heralded by the bells strapped to his waist and welcomed by the guards.  Warriors came out by the hundreds to see him ride in.  They, like the staff at the horse port house awaited the news of his message.  He held the gold tablet up high and the way cleared before him.  Two young scouts named Koric and Septic followed behind him on horseback.

Koric shouted to his companion above the general din of celebration, “I suppose General Araknik really did do it.”  He looked over at Septic who gave no reaction.  He leaned over and said a little louder, “I told you so.”

Septic shook his head.  “No, it’s only one battle against a weak tribe.  Even you could have done it.”

“Ha!  You just can’t admit you’re wrong.  This victory proves that even those of low blood can lead men well into battle.  Araknik is from the Nomar tribe, you know.”

Septic shrugged his shoulders incredulously and said with tension in his voice, “We don’t even know what’s in the scroll yet, it could be a request for reinforcements.”

Koric laughed and kept laughing so that Septic finally smiled. 

“All right, all right” Septic admitted, “so it’s obvious.  But I hope I don’t have to depend on any of the Nomar during ... what?  Don’t look at me like that.” 

“Don’t you know?  The Gray Wolf already got the Council of Tribes to consolidate the Nomar tribes and scattered them throughout the army.”  Araknik preferred to be called Gray Wolf.




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