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June 22, 1753 EQ, Sixth Horse Port House, Salmonil Territory  

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i Disputed Territory
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i Forest West of Selma

i Sixth Horse Port House

Scabus riding alongside Ransis

The heavyset clerk sat in the porch shade cooling himself with a fan.  Beads of perspiration welled up on his face forcing him to periodically dab them away with an embroidered cloth.  He disliked the hot summer months on the desert plains immensely, but at least here he served a position, and he would tell you that it was a vital position, in the Salmonil army.  A physique such as his was rare in that part of Epi and so were the military jobs he could fill, such as the office of Post Clerk.  His heft gave him one cultural advantage, though.  He excelled at a favorite past time among the Salmonil, wrestling.  As of the night before, he was still undefeated at the station.  His full cheeks pressed together his already naturally slanted eyes so that some doubted he could see through them.  Indeed when he laughed hard, he could not. 

He did not laugh now.  It would make him warmer.

The day drew on.  High noon burned hot and dry without the regular summer rains that filled the flood plain.  He sat on the front porch of the Sixth Horse Port House on the southern camersil silk trade route.  It cut through the open plain, barren except for the few large buildings of the station: stables, a corral, a barn for 200 horses, and a large lodge with furnishings fit for a king.  As one of his first orders in the high command, General Araknik had these horse port houses constructed at regular intervals along well-established trade routes.  It was a good choice and Araknik was beginning to be recognized among Council of Tribes as the best general they ever had.

That annoying fly buzzed at his ears again.  The clerk swatted at it with his fan and it suddenly stopped buzzing.  He looked around his chair and strained his ears to hear it, thinking he heard a buzz.  That sounds more like a jingle ... the jingle of the messenger bells.



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