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Mancuso pressed the flat end of LaSor harder against the man’s chin so he could feel the heat of the blade edge.  As he did so, he caught sight of something behind the man’s ear.  He turned the man’s head with his free hand.  The knight jerked to resist but Mancuso repositioned his weight to pin him down.  “Tell me of this.”  The knight didn’t respond but Mancuso already knew what it was, a cybernetic implant.  It used a technology far beyond Epian standards during the present dark ages.  What Mancuso didn’t know and what bothered him the most, is what the Shadow Knights were doing with it.  The Shadow Knights came from the Salmonil tribes, a desert people traditionally engaged in herding hay-hochi, a small triceratops-like animal.  They couldn’t even mint their own coinage let alone develop the nano-technology and medical science necessary to construct cybernetic implants, but here it was and it bothered Mancuso deeply.

“What did you use to find me?”

The knight’s eyes tightened in pain as the heat began to burn.  No, he wasn’t going to tell.  Pain, pain.  “All right!  I used a rod, a golden rod.  It made a noise and glowed at the place you were going to come.” 

“Was it this?”  Mancuso held up the rod Lenesco used.


“Thank you.  My apologies for the burn on your chin.  It will heal.  Night knight.”

Then the knight saw and felt no more.

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