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History's Mirror

History may not be what it seems


Novel Statistics

Author:  Darrell Newton

Number of words: 63,000

Genre: Science Fiction

Target Audience: Those who enjoyed The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Star Wars saga


Novel Status

This novel is complete. An access code is required for viewing the text.  

If you are a literary agent or publisher interested in seeing more of the Epi Trilogies, please feel free to contact me for an access code to the Hall of Nations where the text can be viewed.


Novel Summary

When the desert raiders invade a small village, a retired ambassador must face the old fears of his past and confront their leader in the name of peace.  But much more lies beneath the surface and as his grandson witnesses his greatest moment, he discovers that history may not be what it seems.

Enter the Hall of Nations to read this novel.


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