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A mist hangs low in the air that deadens sound and chills bones.  Moss covers the jagged rocks of the newly borne mountains. 

Few enter this deep into Gate Valley.  Legends speak about those left behind after the Fall of Nations.  People hiding from disaster in caves, forced to eat rats and eventually, after many generations, becoming hideous, light fearing trolls.  It is said they stalk the night waiting for weary travelers to wander through their lands and they would pull them into their dark holes to feast upon them.  Other legends call this place the city of the gods where giants once lived in stone houses and could travel great distances in a single step carrying forty men on their back at one time.  

Before you now lie the remains of buildings: moss covered and half-buried as if they were gravestones.  Then, after what seems like the procession would never end, the buildings start to thin out and you come upon the gate, untouched by time and uninjured by the elements. 

Enter the Gate.

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