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Gate Valley Transport Gate

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Age of Nations

Gate Valley

   Gate Valley:  Gate Valley was once a prosperous city of about 200,000 inhabitants during the Age of Nations that derived its commerce from the frequent use of its TG.  Like many other cities that hosted a TG, the Firesmyths called a general evacuation of Gate Valley during the Fall of Nations Wars.  It never became publicly known why they were abandoned but superstition and tales of strange phenomenon kept subsequent generations out of the valley.


   Transport Gates A transport gate, or just gate as they were commonly referred to, provides instantaneous transportation from one gate to another by opening up a wormhole from one gate to another.

   These structures were not erected by the Arcathian state government's Transportation Services or any other Epian state government.  They were instead constructed under the direction of Firesmyths during the Second Age, predating the maglev towers by four millennia.

   There were a limited number of Gates placed on strategic areas of the planet by the Firesmyths who limited their use to times of emergency or great ceremony.  

   The gates could be activated by only by certain people placing their hand in a certain orientation and location on the side wall.  If the gate's sensors recognized the handprint and placement, the gate would open.  The destination, determined by the hand position/location, would be seen through the gate.  


   See also Hall of Nations Transport Gate.






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