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December 2001

Web site republished with the following improvements:

  • Easier navigation

  • Addition of the "Gallery"

  • Addition of Text Only pages for faster download

March 2001

Work halted on Epi in order to work on other projects

January 2001 Various changes made to the web site
November 2000

Chapter 4 published on the web with password protection

October 2000

Chapters 1 through 3 published on the web with prologue and interludes

March 2000

Website published on

July 1998 It was determined that Epi Strati was too long.  It was divided into three separate books, making it a trilogy.  The same was done with Epi Mysterion and Epi Parishan although they were still in outline form.
October 1997

Epi Parishanoma divided into a trilogy: 

  • Epi Strati, 

  • Epi Mysterion, and 

  • Epi Parishan

August 1995

Work on Epi started and called "Epi Parishanoma"

August 1982

Initial concept of Epi developed


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