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Synopsis of Epi Strati 

Scroll 1: History’s Mirror

History may not be what it seems

Mr. Hoo Nun, an eccentric nursing home patient with no documented past asks his nurse, “Do you know what happened at the roots of human history?”  He answers by telling the history of another world, his world.  His skeptical but interested audience of one listens with keen attention as he tells her this story….

On a world called Epi, FIRESMYTH MANCUSO, a sage of the lost arts and shepherd of Epian history, arrives at the ruins of Cah Bel to retrieve hidden treasure.  Shadow Knights ambush him but do not get what he came for.

Mr. Hoo Nun finishes the first part of his story and offers to let the nurse read the rest.  She accepts and takes them home.  Once comfortably set, she reads on about a boy named TALON and desert nomads called the SALMONIL….

The Salmonil kill Talon’s parents who are on a mercy mission.  Several years later, Firesmyth Mancuso visits Talon’s grandparents who are now Talon’s guardians to discuss his destiny.  Talon’s grandfather, whose name is AMBASSADOR ENDVAR, tells Talon about how ARAKNIK turned the Salmonil from herdsmen into pillagers.  Meanwhile in the woods nearby, a Salmonil spy reports that he has found “the traitor.”  

The Salmonil celebrate a recent victory by going on a six-week long hunt.  They decide afterwards in a tribal council to attack Selma, which just happens to be home to Talon and his grandparents.  It is in this council that a currier tells Araknik that “the traitor” has been found.

The ANDRIL KINGDOM holds a council to coronate the new king.  Talon and his friends sneak into the Council and stumble upon one of the barons receiving a bribe.  In the Council, Ambassador Endvar argues for unification.  The tide almost swings against him but Firesmyth Mancuso reveals himself after years in hiding and his words bring unity.

Unity comes just in time for a few months later the Salmonil invade the Andril village of Selma.  Ambassador Endvar decides to risk his life to save the village.  Ambassador Endvar remembers when Araknik invaded Selma 40 years before and King Leonid sent Ambassador Endvar and PRINCE JUSTEAL to save Selma.

Talon and his friends plan to follow Ambassador Endvar into the village and help.  Shadow Knights catch them at the border.  Ambassador Endvar remembers the first time when they almost had a treaty drawn up with Araknik and he suddenly imprisoned them.  Araknik discovered that King Leonid set a trap and was leading his army to attack him.

FOSSA, Talon’s grandmother and her friend try to elicit help from Firesmyth Mancuso.  They find that he and ONSAI RAYVEN have already gathered the Andril Army and is about to head for Selma.

Ambassador Endvar remembers when Araknik killed Ambassador Endvar … yes, Endvar, and was about to bring Prince Justeal as a hostage but Firesmyth rescued him and escapes.  During the Salmonil’s evening celebration in Selma, a chieftain challenges the invasion as illegal according to Salmonil law.  Araknik reveals the chieftain as Ambassador Endvar, whose is really Prince Justeal.  Prince Justeal has been hiding under Ambassador Endvar’s name all these years. 

Talon and his friends witness Araknik bury Prince Justeal alive.  The Salmonil keep the boys as prisoners with the villagers until the morning to be hunted like animals.  During the night, Mancuso arrives with the army in a surprise attack referred to in the Scrolls of Yashu.  Araknik retreats with his army in ruins.  Selma and the Kingdom are restored thanks to the sacrifice of Talon’s grandfather who had been revealed as the true King just before his death.  Mancuso comforts Talon in his grief and gives him into the care of Onsai Rayven who is now revealed as his uncle.

Mr. Hoo Nun, answers some questions about what happened next for the nurse and then points towards the three cardboard boxes in the corner, “There’s more,” he says, “much more” to the story.

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