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She lifted up her nametag.  “Yoder, Carol Yoder.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Yoder.”

“You’re welcome, good night.”  She turned and walked to the door.

“I might need some help with grammar,” he added leaning forward.  “English is not my first language.”

She stopped in the doorway turning her head halfway back.  “No?  What is, Chinese?”

“No,” he chuckled.

She turned and walked out the door.

He leaned back and smiled to himself.  “Salmi is.”

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Later That Night at the Yoder's Home

Nurse Carol Yoder curled upon the couch up with the first of Mr. Hoo Nun’s stories.  Her husband, an electrical engineer, was pre-occupied with the computer in their bedroom.  He was trying to interface an alarm system to the serial port of his IBM PC – not that they needed additional security in their apartment.  They had no children to interrupt them and with her husband busy with his own project; it would make for a deliciously long evening.  The rain pattered on the window behind her and her favorite tape was playing on the stereo as she began to read....

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